Whether it is for new home construction or to replace an existing air conditioning system, it is crucial to make sure you hire a licensed air conditioning or HVAC contractor. Without the proper knowledge and experience, improper air conditioning installation can not only damage the ac unit and/or your home, but it can be dangerous as well. Professional licensed contractors like High Desert Heating will provide all the information you need when choosing an air conditioning installation.

What to Expect from A Licensed Air Conditioning Contractor

Purchasing a new air conditioning unit and paying for ac installation can be expensive, and the last thing you want to do is choose the wrong contractor. When searching for a contractor for air conditioning installation, make sure they provide the following:

• Written Estimate- A legitimate air conditioning contractor will provide you with a written itemized estimate. While every cost cannot be accounted for the written estimate should be very close to the estimate, and the contractor should be willing to stand by the written estimate.

• References- Once an individual or company find a reliable contractor, they tend to stick with that contractor, so if you request references a legitimate air conditioning contractor should have no problem providing them.

• Licenses and Insurance- Before you choose a contractor for an air conditioning installation, ask them to provide proof of insurance and any license that is required in your state. Hiring a contractor that is not licensed or insured can be devastating if any damage is done to your home as you will have no legal recourse.

• Better Business Bureau (BBB)- Be sure to check the Better Business Bureau website to see if the contractor you want to hire for an air conditioning installation has a good rating. The BBB keeps track of businesses and is a reliable source for information regarding reputable contractors.

Air Conditioning Installation

Once you have chosen the contractor for your ac installation, it is crucial to understand what is involved in an air conditioning installation. Listed below are some tips to help you better understand the ac installation process:

• AC Unit Size- When performing an ac install, it is vital to have the correct size ac unit. In this case bigger is not better as a unit that is too large for your home will be inefficient and will cost you more money in energy costs, if the unit is too small it will not adequately cool your home, and this will not only cost you more in energy costs it will also damage the unit.

• Electrical- Before an air conditioner unit is installed, it is vital to make sure the homes electric can handle the additional electricity required to run the air conditioning unit. For new or newer home construction this may be easier to take care of than if you are dealing with an older home that may need to have the circuit breaker panel upgraded to handle the extra load.

• Placement of Air Conditioning Unit- For your new ac unit to function correctly, it will need enough space to work correctly. Also, if you have a homeowner's association, you will need to check with them as to their requirements for ac installation, so you do not end up with unnecessary costs and fines.

• Thermostat- If you have a new ac unit installed to replace an older unit, you may want to have the thermostat replaced as well. Modern thermostats are programmable and allow you to more closely monitor how your air conditioner runs, saving you money.

High Desert Heating is one of the leading air conditioning installation experts in the area, and we have highly trained and skilled technicians that can answer any questions you have regarding the replacement of your ac unit. We are a licensed and insured contractor, and we will come to your home and provide a written itemized estimate, and all our work is guaranteed, so you have peace of mind knowing that your air conditioning installation was done by the best.

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