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Ask about the FREE estimates we offer on new equipment installation or take a look at some of the heating services we provide. We guarantee services for a full year and offer a 10-year manufacturer warranty on new equipment.

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We have been in business since 1991. You can count on us to take care of any make or model of air conditioner. Maintenance programs for equipment are available with twice-a-year checkups to keep them running efficiently and reliably.

AC Repair High Desert Heating

When the temperature outside begins to climb the one place you can seek refuge from the intense heat is inside where there is air conditioning. It is crucial to make sure you have your air conditioner checked regularly and keep up on routine maintenance to ensure that you have cold refreshing air during the intense summer heat. At High Dessert Heating, we understand the importance of properly maintaining air conditioning and have highly trained experts on hand for all air conditioner needs. We are a certified HVAC contractor, HVAC company, air conditioning contractor, and can perform any ac repair or ac service.

Air Conditioning Service

There is nothing worse than coming home in the intense heat of summer and opening the door to your home, and instead of feeling cold refreshing air you are met with more heat because your air conditioner has failed. The best way to keep this scenario from happening is to make sure you are keeping up on routine air conditioning service. When you hire an ac contractor or HVAC contractor to perform regular service on your air conditioner, you can expect them to do the following:

• Check air ducts to make sure they are free from dirt and debris that can cause your ac unit to work harder and less efficiently.

• Check the amount of coolant in your ac unit to make sure there is no damage or leaks that need to be repaired.

• Check the ac unit to make sure there are no cracked, broken, or worn out parts that need to be fixed or repaired.

By scheduling and receiving routine air conditioning service you can not only keep your air conditioner working at its best, but you can also find and fix repairs before they become too expensive or before you air conditioner stops working leaving you in a hot and unpleasant home.

Reasons to Hire an HVAC Contractor

When deciding on a company to service your air conditioning unit, it is essential to make sure you hire a Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) contractor or an Air Conditioning Contractor. HVAC contractors, HVAC companies, Air Conditioning Contractors and Air Conditioning Companies not only have the proper training and experience to service and repair air conditioning units, but they also are certified to work in the area where you live. Listed below are some important reasons to hire either an HVAC Contractor or Air Conditioning Contractor:

• Certification- When you hire an HVAC or AC contractor you can rest assured that they have been certified to work on ac units and many times carry warranties to ensure that if you encounter any problems, they will come back and address any issues.

• Local Requirements- HVAC and AC contractors provide services for a specific area and are aware of all the laws and building codes giving you peace of mind that any work they perform will meet the standards required by the city or state in which you reside.

• Safety- Air conditioning units contain chemicals and electrical wires that if not properly serviced, can cause safety issues. When you choose to hire an HVAC or AC contractor, you can relax knowing that they have the skills and experience required to properly work in your air conditioning system without causing any safety issues.

To ensure that your air conditioning will not fail you at a critical time, it is vital to make sure you are having your unit routinely serviced and repaired by an HVAC Contractor or AC Contractor. When you hire a professional service like High Dessert Heating, you know that you are getting the very best, if you are unsure when your ac unit was serviced last give us a call and schedule an appointment, and one of our highly skilled technicians will access your unit and answer any questions you have.

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